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Goddess Enchantment Workshops & Training

Join us for an experiential day connecting with

The Mistress of  the Beasts

Led by Caroline Wise & Carrie Kirkpatrick

Date: Saturday 1st April 2023

Location:  Highgate, North London

Time: 11.00am - 6.30pm  Price: £75.00

£10.00 discount available for returning priestesses*

enter code Priestess10 at checkout

*Anyone who has attended a Goddess Enchantment day previously is eligible

The Mistress of the Beasts, the Lady of the Animals, is a figure who is known from the Ancient Near East and the Mediterranean world. She is depicted as a woman flanked by two animals, often lions or other big cats. Gallic Epona also takes on this stance, but with horses. We’ll also be looking at the Goddesses and animal connections in a wider way. Animal associations with goddesses cross cultures, from the earliest emergence of the divine women.
Welsh Goddess Ceridwen shape-changes into beasts in British myth, and there are many aspects of other goddesses and their attendant animals all over the world. Some goddesses are even represented by an animal themselves. This can be in symbolism, it can be emblematic, or representations of the goddess and her attributes. 

Join us for a day of Illustrated talks, magical attunement, magical crafting, practical guidance and ceremony.

We’d like each person attending to bring a presentation of 5 minutes if they wish, this is optional. This would include your chosen goddess, and her associate animal. Beasts can include mammals, reptiles, fish or birds. Please also bring her into our closing ceremony with an invocation to her In general discussion, we’ll be looking at.

Who are the well known and lesser known goddesses and animal pairs? How can we relate to these goddesses today? How can we invoke their animal powers and in which situations are they helpful? How does the perception of these animals change through the centuries? through art history and changing symbolism, art history, religion, scientific observations, and societal attitudes? We’ll come together for a ceremony where each participant will act as a priestess of their chosen goddess, and bring the attributes of the animal to the ceremony. If you have a statue of your goddess, and/or an ornament of the animal, please bring it with you.

Please bring packed lunch and join us for wine or tea and good cake afterwards. Weather permitting, we may have some outdoors magic.


Places are limited. Please note the venue is a private home with cats. All welcome who come in good will.

Carrie Kirkpatrick

Download the Goddess Enchantment Oracle in the Indie Goes Oracle  Library App on Amazon, Google Play and the App Store 


Book your place early as numbers are limited

Caroline Wise compiled the book Finding Elen, the Quest for Elen of the Ways, which seeks out the antlered goddess. Caroline is an ordained priestess of the Goddess, and has contributed to several books on goddesses, on woman magical pioneers, and on Mythic London. Caroline trains women to become priestesses and oracles of the goddess. She had led workshops and talks based on these subjects in UK, Italy, USA and Germany,and she organised Goddess conferences in the London from 1990.

caarie queen

Carrie Kirkpatrick is an ordained Priestess and clairvoyant who has been guiding people psychically and magically for thirty-five years. She began working with the goddess twenty years ago and has worked extensively on TV and in the media as a producer and presenter teaching people how to connect to the Goddess energies. Carrie has written and photographed Goddess Enchantment – Magic & Spells: Volumes 1 & 2 and is the creator of the Goddess Enchantment Oracle App.

Caroline Wise is an ordained Priestess who has been working with the goddess for 35 years. She compiled the book Finding Elen, the Quest for Elen of the Ways, and contributed to other books on the Goddess. Caroline teaches days on the Goddess in UK, Europe and USA.

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